Flowing and glowing art

about buying and licensing

License information

Private use - €25

No commercial use allowed.
The private license grants permission for making prints (any size)
and for private use only (including using on your own non-commercial website).
Reselling of those prints is strictly forbidden.
All copyrights remain with me (Wim Koopman).

Commercial use - €75

The License is granted on a perpetual basis, with no renewals, and no production limits.
All copyrights remain with me (Wim Koopman)
The Commercial License allows you to use this image in:

- Print media, including text books, newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, directories.
- Digital media, including digital documents, presentations, proposals, reports.
- Advertising and promotional materials, including brochures, ads, product packaging, book covers, and other printed collateral materials.
- Broadcast, theatrical and video productions.
- Websites, as long as the photo is not the primary content of the web page, or used primarily for attracting internet traffic or advertising.
- Products for resale, as long as the photo is not the primary element of the product.
The Commercial License permits only a single user or single agency client to use the photo.
If you are licensing this photo for a company or organization, you may not use them for personal use or for a second company or organization.
If you are a designer or agency, you may only use this photo for a single client.

The Commercial License does not allow use of this image in:
- Resale products where the photo is the primary element such as an atlas, prints, posters, bulletin boards, whiteboards, puzzles, or any other product where the photo is prominent and other elements are incidental.
- Electronic products and services, such as software applications, hand-held devices, news services, phone networks.
- Items produced through an on-demand system, such as posters, prints, map wallpaper, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, engraving templates, templates for website designs.

The Exclusive License - €500

will give you total ownership of this image.
This means you can do whatever you want with it, both for private or all commercial uses you can think of.