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About me

Having been a photographer (not my profession though) all my life, lately I've been more and more transforming my images into digital art.
Sometimes a photo is still just right "out of the box", but in many occasions it's begging to be a source for something more beautiful, which involves more or less after-processing.
The same goes for my digital art (no real photos involved), if not more so.
The biggest series I made (still expanding) is called Solitude, consisting mainly of landscapes, (silhouettes of) trees and a flight a birds, and sometimes a sunset as well.
If for some they appear to be more like kitsch than art, I don't care. I enjoy making them, and hope you do too. As well as making very or slightly different versions of those digital drawings/paintings which keep intrigueing me the most.


Heart of Holland
Goudriaan, Zuidholland